Nutrition & Performance Coaching with Dr Stevie Potter

Do Better

Feeling like your current life report would read “could do better”? At the Wonder Clinic, I help you to do just that. Look, feel and perform like the leader the world needs you to be by taking control of your health and your future NOW.

Take control and transform

Nutrition is the cornerstone of human health and yet so many of us are tied into a relationship with food based on guilt, shame, punishment and reward. High achievers are some of the biggest sufferers because we are so focused on being successful, it becomes incredibly hard to deal with the relentless failure of diets and meal plans in our busy lives and we see ourselves as consistent failures. But no more. I specialise in helping busy people like you find strategies that help them improve their relationship with food to maximise productivity, energy levels, confidence and calmness. I’ve been where you are and I want to help you do better.

ConfidENCE IS...

Mental, aesthetic and physical strength are closely intertwined. If you look good, you feel good and to look good, you have to look after yourself – inside and out! At the Wonder Clinic, I help you to do just that.


Nutrition and fitness advice from my own experience and extensive knowledge of physiology and diet, to help you boost health and confidence from within. This is not crash dieting or faddy exercise routines, it is long term, healthy lifestyle advice to keep you performing at your best level now and in the future.


I work closely with each of my clients to make sure they feel supported every step of the way and that they can rest at ease that the small steps they make are adding up to big results.

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