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Performance Coaching

“You are what you eat” they say. Maybe that’s not good news for you…?

 Don’t worry, I can help.
I’m a nutrition and performance coach specialising in helping busy people like you, who are feeling overwhelmed, overworked and overweight, to find strategies to maximise your energy, productivity, confidence and calmness. After over a decade in competitive sport and healthcare, I’ve married up the knowledge I have from both fields and created by own unique and effective coaching strategy based on the five foundations that I believe help you to conquer ANY challenge life throws at you and nutrition is right at the heart of it.

Coaching with me focuses on the five Paladin Principles:

1. Mindset

2. Goalsetting and time management

3. Nutrition

4. Physical health & fitness

5. Self building


Nutrition is something we’re all becoming more curious about, but we’re also becoming more and more overwhelmed by the subject. In a world where we see so much advice and so much knowledge pouring out of every iPhone on every corner, why are we still seeing rising rates of obesity, preventable chronic health conditions and futile battles with food and weight?


Because we’re trying to solve modern problems with old fashioned thinking.


You’re busy. You’re trying to keep a lot of plates spinning and one of the biggest and most important plates in that arrangement, is usually the one that smashes first when you get overwhelmed; your health. You KNOW what it means to get healthier – the veggies, the gym – but it’s not that easy to achieve and you still haven’t nailed it. And what’s more, now you’re beating yourself up because you’re feeling like a failure every time you try to move the needle and you don’t succeed.


That’s where I come in.

Performance and nutrition coaching with me is about acknowledging what’s making life difficult for you right now and how we can work together to break down those barriers so you can achieve your health and performance goals, whatever they might be.


If you’re bored of regular PTs and nutrition coaches who just “don’t get it”, you’re in the right place. Because I do get it. And that’s why I specialise in helping people like you, to conquer it too.


  • 1-2-1 Nutrition & Performance Coaching: from £209pcm
  • 1-2-1 Sports nutrition coaching from £249
  • Group Coaching: See Paladin Project
  • Conference/Speaking Events POA
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