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About Stevie Potter

The only thing that stands between you and success, is your own drive to change and improve

I didn’t always start off in the blue tracksuit; I was just a clever potato for my formative years, with no passion for sport and certainly no aptitude for it, but I had always been an active kid and came from a family who always encouraged me to do my best.


After realising the party lifestyle was taking its toll when I hit University, I decided it was time to do something about my health before it was too late and so my running journey began…


Fast forward 13 very rollercoaster years and I’ve finished my dental degree, competed in international rowing competitions, run the London marathon, completed Ironman Wales, graced multiple running and triathlon podiums and have qualified to represent my country at the top level of amateur triathlon racing.


When I started the Wonder Clinic, the aim was to use my clinical expertise to help people find confidence in their own skin, something I’d loved being able to do with my cosmetic dentistry. While I was on that journey, I realised I was also being asked by my clients about what to eat, how to train and how I had made it to where I had in my life outside of work. I realised then, that I also had the passion and knowledge to be able to coach them through the physical and mental strategies that had got me where I am today.


Now, I spend most of my time sharing my knowledge of fitness and nutrition with my 1-2-1 coaching clients and in my group of motivated go-getters on facebook. I help people revolutionise the way they look at food and exercise and help them to see the importance of long term investment in their own wellbeing. I teach people to LOVE a healthy lifestyle, while still enjoying balance. I give people their confidence back and what’s more, they keep it that way. No faddy diets, no falling off the wagon, but true transformation, learning from all my successes and mistakes and more importantly, my years of experience and knowledge in my field which took me from academic potato to GB athlete!

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